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Paddling, Road Trip, Trip

Paddle and Fish at Westwood Lake 

One of my favourite places to go when I am home is westwood lake. I love the 5km hike around the lake. Its a mostly shaded splendor where you feel completely engulfed by nature and yet in the middle of a city. We went there…

Road Trip, Trip

Murray Lake Paddling 

A little tough to get to, but if you like solitude in nature very worth it. We were hoping to camp at the south end, but it was already full – which make sense it’s relatviely easy to get to. To get to the north,…

Hiking & Trekking, Places, Trip

Frog Falls Mini Hike 

Frog lake falls is a rough campsite that is well hidden. Robert and I have a preference for quiet spots with loittle to no people in nature and this place delivered. I would go back to this place again, although because so simple and remote…